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Root Canal Therapy

When the internal nerve and blood supplies of a tooth are infected and necrosed, the most conservative treatment option is root canal therapy. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, 95% of all root canal procedures are effective. Each tooth in your mouth has canals that accommodate blood vessels and nerve bundles. As children, when our teeth are growing, we need this blood supply to nourish the teeth, keeping them vital and healthy throughout our lives. However, sometimes bacteria from deep decay and large cavities can infect the nerves and blood vessels (pulp), resulting in tooth necrosis. Dr. Le can remove the pulp within the tooth's canals, and the tooth can be saved from extraction. With local anesthesia and oral sedation, Dr. Le can ensure you're comfortable and relaxed during your root canal treatment. She often completes the entire procedure in a single visit.

A tooth can become infected when bacteria penetrates the pulp after an injury, crack, or deep cavity. Usually, a patient experiences a significant toothache as a result of the inflammation and infection causing internal pressure on the tooth. Root canal therapy is not always an option, but when possible, Dr. Le recommends a root canal over extraction. Keeping your natural teeth intact will maintain your proper bite/occlusion, and you will not face the hassle or expense of replacement of teeth (e.g. bridges, dentures , or implants).

Following root canal therapy, the tooth usually requires a crown, because a non-vital tooth is brittle and prone to fracture. A crown will protect the tooth and prevent it from further damage in the long run. Dr. Le will discuss a proper treatment option that’s suited for your tooth.

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