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Teeth Whitening

Our tooth surfaces are rough and irregular, so extrinsic stains from tea, coffee, wine, and tobacco can become a problem. As we age, tooth enamel discolors, turning from a youthful white to a dingy yellow, brownish, or grayish hue. Although you can purchase over-the-counter bleaching systems at the drug store, these products aren’t as potent as dentist-prescribed teeth-whitening systems. Dr. Le will be happy to erase your teeth stains and give you back your brilliant smile. Choose from one-visit Zoom! Whitening or custom take-home trays to use at your leisure.

Zoom! Whitening

With Zoom! Whitening, your teeth can sparkle up to 10 shades brighter after a single treatment. We will apply a patented bleaching gel to your tooth enamel, then expose it to a soft, blue light. A chemical reaction lifts stains from teeth, leaving behind pearly white tooth surfaces.

Home Teeth Whitening

If you prefer take-home teeth whitening, Dr. Le will provide you with custom molded mouth trays and a strong, safe bleaching gel. Line your trays with the gel and wear them as directed. In most cases, we recommend wearing the trays for about an hour a night, over two weeks. Many people notice a brighter smile after just one or two evenings. Home teeth whitening can yield the same dramatic results as Zoom! Whitening (in-office, one appointment bleaching).

Forever Bright

Keep your smile white forever! Over time, you may notice stains or discoloration resurfacing on your teeth. These are the natural re-accumulation of pigments from the things you eat and drink. Whether you opt for in-office or home teeth whitening, you can use bleaching trays and prescription gel as needed to rejuvenate your smile. Please just call us to order additional gel when you deplete your supply.

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